Meet our volunteer coordinator.
Lee Tank delivered from Australia.
VMMV in film Flags of our Fathers.
The S-103 (S-Tank) from Sweden.
Open House 2006 Salutes Iwo Jima Vets
Interview with Marc Sehring
The British Welbike
Interview with Larry Tucker / Beltring
2nd Cavalry visit / HMMWV steps out
Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle
Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (CAL-1)
Interview with Bob Bruggleman/ Historical Records
M-41 Restoration / PzKw II Documents
Interview with Col. Neil N/ PzKw III Documents
Interview with Bob L / PzKw IV Documents
M-42 Restoration / British view of German armor
VMMV has Triplets / Panther PzKw V / Open House
Interview with Roland Blue / Panther armor quality
T-72 New paint job / Panther Historical Records
1917 Tank Restoration / Panther Historical Pictures
VMMV M4a3 History / WWII Tiger Tank Drawings
VMMV PT76 History / WWII Tiger Tank Evaluation
2012 Open House Preparation / WWII Tiger Tank Evaluation
T34/85 Re-Fit / WWII Tiger Tank Evaluation
M24 Chaffee Rebuild / WWII Tiger Tank Evaluation
WWI Film Support / WWII Tiger Tank Evaluation