Veterans Day at

Loudoun Country Day School 2005

AMr. Cors asked me to contact Mr. John Wyrick about providing a Jeep for the Loudoun Country Day School Veterans day event. I was glad to volunteer my 1944 Willys Jeep to help honor veterans. I must admit that I will remember this veterans day as one of the best. The enthusiasm of the staff and students was striking. Memories of our countries patriotism during World War Two came to mind. The National Anthem and songs Grand Ole Flag, The Sound of America and the recitation Gettysburg Address by Kindergarten, and 1st through 8th Grade Choirs bought memories of the sacrifice veterans made for this great country we live in, the United States of America. Larry Tucker
Students looking over 1944 Willys Jeep Dr. Eleanor Fall commented"Where is the power steering?"
Displays of military artifacts Raising the flag
Saluting the flag. The Bagpipe sound echo's the sacrifice of our veterans.
Sound of America Program Reciting the Gettysburg Address.
Yankee Doodle Medley Mr. Chris Collver 1st Sgt. Green Beret speaking to students.
Mr. Roland Tibbetts (WWII), Col. David McNerney (Viet Nam) and Mr. Robert Sigl (US Army) fielding questions. Lt. Col. Edward Leonard (USNA USAF Viet Nam) and Mr. Patrick Huge (USMC Desert Storm) after Q&A with students.