Spring Open House 2001

Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles

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A large gathering for spring open house

VMMV's T-34 in full dress

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The Marines warm up the day with a flamethrower

Allan introduces our guest speaker Joe Dazzo

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A new and great  addition to the museum, the S-103 MBT from Sweden is displayed for the first time.

The greatest generation, veterans from WWII who share their experience with us.

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Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge

An in depth display of Mountain Troop issue from WWII

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John Sulek and Bill Clark display airborne issue from WWII

The Historical Marine Company

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Thanks to the cadets of the 904 squadron of the Civil Air Patrol from Philadelphia, PA who helped with the parking

Paul Smith warms up his L-2 spotter for a flyover of   open house