The Americans in Wartime Museum thanks museum friends (Six Thousand) that joined us for open house weekend. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. This year we presented new programs to reconize and salute our veterans. The veterans were issued a name plate identifing their branch of service and period served in. Children with their parents looked for and asked the veterans to sign a paper. Children collecting five names were awarded a prize. The children met veterans and both had a great time. A veterans round-table was held both days and the museum friends learned first hand of the veterans experience in all facets of military service.

We also extend many thanks to the military history groups that work hard to demonstrate a soldiers life. The information they pass to the public brings the armor, trucks and displays to life. Their time and work to provide excellent displays and history are a great asset to open house.

Hard Times Cafe made history again with the "BEST CHILI-DOGS " on the planet. Thank you Chris for your generous support by providing volunteers and re-enactors lunch for the event. Thanks also to Bruce Tandy Audio for the public address system setup and support. The weather and over 6000 visitors made it a great show, enjoy the pictures.