Thanks to the National Guard for
displaying the Huey.

Photo Bill Conner

Finally a great day and good attendance. Thanks for your replys by e-mail. It really helps our planning.
Allan Cors giving one of the walking tours of the collection.

Russian WWII T34 with crew.
Photo Bill Conner

Explaining the operation of a WWII
anti-tank rocket launcher. (Bazooka)

Photo Bill Conner

Russian Historical Group. Thanks for all of the time and work these groups do that brings life to our presentations.

Photo Bill Vanderpool

Sherman tank moving into position with infantry support.

Photo Bill Vanderpool

Tim Keuberth singing the National Anthem. The color Guard was provided by the Quantico Young Marines.
Photo Bill Vanderpool

Col. George Forrest introducing speaker Joe Galloway. In 1965, the then-Captain George Forrest was the commander of Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry as they fought in the Ia Drang Valley.

Thanking Mr. Galloway for sharing his experience with us. After reading "We Were Soldiers Once and Young" it is impossible to repay their valor.

Photo Bill Vanderpool

Mr. Galloway signing book for our guest. His book is a must read about the war in Vietnam.

Setting up Displays in the Hanger.
Displays in the Hanger.

Moving the M113 into position for
a fire demonstration.

Photo Eric Rihl

Cranking up the armor for our visitors to see, hear and feel the presence of heavy tanks.

Photo Bill Vanderpool

T-55 generating smoke by injecting oil into hot exhaust system. This was done to mask movement and infantry.

Photo Bill Vanderpool

The Historical Marine Company using a flame thrower, an awesome weapon.

Photo Bill Vanderpool

Enjoying the many living history displays during Open House.
A burst of fire from the GE Mini-gun which can fire 3000 rounds a minute.
The 105 Howitzer is explained and displayed.
199th LIB "Redcatchers" a living history group demostrating weapons.
WWII Veteran Bill Herlth enjoying Open House.
Porter an English Bulldog checking out the Walker Bulldog.

Thanking the Civil Air Patrol for helping out with Open House this and last year.
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Photo James Scott Jr.

Terry VanMeter who gave an excellent roving description of armor moving on the field with Allan Cors as driver. Marc making sure everyone had plenty of water.
Thanks to the Young Marines from Quantico Marine base for their help.
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Photo Robert C. Smythe