We like to share interesting projects with our museum friends. We thank Nick Cirelli who sent pictures and information about the Me262 project. VMMV

We are located on Paine Field in Everett, WA. The project is currently producing two full size production models of the 262. The one in the photos is owned by Lou Werner from Arizona, his aircraft is configured as a two place trainer. The second aircraft is in the other hanger and is currently being configured as a single seat fighter version with the option to convert to a two place trainer. This airplane will be delivered to the Messerschmitt Museum in Munich some time next year. The Arizona airplane is powered by two GE J-85 military version engines, the Munich airplane will be powered by two GE-CJ610 engines, the civilian version of the J-85.

The Project also has three other completed fuselages waiting for buyers. It's possible that one of those will go to our local Museum of Flight in Seattle. That is not finalized. The Museum at Chino California showed an interest in our only single seat fighter.

We get visitors from all over the world including John Messerschmitt the grandson of the designer Willy Messerschmitt. John Flew B-24's during World War Two. We also have a former Lufwaffe pilot, Ace, and Me262 instructor who lives in Surry, British Columbia, and drives down to visit from time to time. His name is Franz Stigler and he is a terrific guy to know and talk with.

Our project is open to the public Monday through Friday 8:00 to 4:30. Individuals just drop in, large groups please call ahead so we can prepare for you. Photography is limited so check before bringing a camera.

The web site links to some very interesting WWII history and other projects.


Military vehicles were provided for the Me262 capture scenario by the
Puget Sound Military Vehicle Club.

Jeff High is manning the Quad 50.
The Me262 in tow with a Kettenkrad
David King standing guard with his dog.
Ricky Morales checks out the cockpit.
The Kettenkrad vehicle is owned by Bud Melby
Vehicles from Puget Sound Military Vehicle Club.