Bringing back a Dingo (Armored Vehicle WWII)

Up on the jacks so the staff can start the face lift.
Looking from the rear of the vehicle after the motor has been removed. The reflectors are in good shape as the camera flash shows.
Mr. Oppenhagen is removing all of the parts from the engine block to prepare for cleaning. The engine will be checked out and painted to British standard and then set aside to be reinstalled.
With the engine in place it is time to check out the drive train.
The dash panel is rebuild tested and installed. It is now time to start the motor and check to see if all of the gauges give the proper indications.
The Dingo is starting to look and run very well. Next will be getting ready for final paint.
Another view looking towards the drivers compartment. The electrical system is removed for check out. Each component is checked, cleaned and stored until the vehicle shell is restored and ready to accept them. We will have more pictures of this restoration as it moves towards completion. When completed it will be a nice addition to the W.W.II category
Off the jacks and now time to prep for final paint and markings.